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Jagnesh Sukhramani( Director )

Jagnesh Sukhramani, our young and capable Director, is a visionary skilled with being able to perfectly capture consumer needs. Finding niches has always been Jagnesh’s expertise which aided him to establish ‘Rekluz’ which is into fabrication, supply, and installation of retrofitted Shower Enclosures.
He initially started his entrepreneurial journey in the Fenestration space with Ajit India (Mumbai) where he worked closely with architects for the supply and installation of customized windows, doors & skylights. The company led by him soon tasted success by bagging leading projects including Mumbai International Airport and multiple residential and commercial projects, which are all standing tall and have become iconic structures and landmarks. He has also previously worked in association with Hafele, a world leader in the space of furniture fittings and architectural hardware for over 3 years in this space. The company has successfully executed over 1000 installations for renowned hotels like Lemon tree, Golden Tulip, ITC, etc.
Always being fascinated by the construction space, Jagnesh went off-the-beaten-track to pursue a Diploma in Civil Engineering from Fr. Agnel Polytechnic immediately after his schooling. He then went on to complete B.E Civil Engineering from the University of Sheffield and subsequently Masters in International Business from Aston Business School, Birmingham. Even during his education, Jagnesh sought to gain as much real-world experience as possible through internships in leading firms such as Hiranandani & L & T (ECC).
Today, Jagnesh has successfully established the ‘Rekluz’ brand in the market along with a strong team of skilled staff having deep technical knowledge. With his leadership skills, he drives the team to work for perfection, with the motto “NEVER GIVE UP TILL YOU ACHIEVE WHAT YOU DESIRE”. He believes in evolving innovative design solutions that are contextual and sustainable, and in creating spaces that are exhilarating to experience while at the same time being functional. Driven by this underlying philosophy, all of Rekluz’s projects have come to be characterized by their refined proportions & a sense of balanced restfulness.

Jagnesh Sukhramani( Director )

Mr.Jivan is a successful Entrepreneur who can comprehend complex situations that may include planning, making strategic decisions, and working on multiple business ideas simultaneously. He is always farsighted and aware of minutest details.
He continuously reviews all possibilities to achieve the business objectives. He also ensures to devote his energy to completion of his task in the stipulated time frame.
He also accepts as things they are and deal with them in accordance very cheerfully. They may or may not be idealistic but at times could be unrealistic. At times there are all possibilities of change in direction when he knows changes can improve the prospects for achieving the goals in the interest & betterment of the company.
He also possess the ability to identify relationships quickly in the midst of complex situations. He identifies the problem and tries to achieve the solution with results faster than other people. He is a natural leader not troubled by ambiguity and uncertainty because he is used to solving problems in any crisis situation.
He also has a considerable amount of self-control and can withstand business pressures. He is absolutely comfortable in stressful situations and can accept challenges rather than getting discouraged by setbacks or failures.
He has excellent interpersonal skills to provide for stable relationships. He has all the new innovative ideas best fit for leading innovation inside the organization.